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Slip and Fall Personal Injury Attorney Abilene, TXJoel A. Levine is a personal injury lawyer known for his trustworthiness and transparency when he is defending and advocating central Texans’ protection under the law. Joel has much practical experience dealing with personal injury regulation in Central Texas. It is crucial that each of our clients understand all of the laws and processes with regards to their case. Combining strategy and advocacy is known for a established track record of resulting in impressive outcomes for our clients. Our personal injury law practice areas for Abilene, Texas include:

Though big trucks could weigh well over ten thousand lbs, several 18 wheelers weigh more than forty tons. When there is a collision involving one of these enormous trucks as well as a small passenger vehicle, the results are disastrous. Texas is regrettably the leader in the United States of yearly truck crashes. You will need a personal injury attorney who can practice in Abilene, Texas devoted to helping truck accident affected individuals and assisting members of the family acquire reasonable reimbursement for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Do you know someone who has been wounded by a flawed device? In case you purchased a product you didn’t get hold of or receive something that does not work properly, you may have a right to compensation under state or national consumer regulation guidelines. Types of consumer scams comprise false advertising and marketing, fraudulent credit cards, and Ponzi schemes. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine has considerable experience in cases of consumer fraud.

Bicyclists typically share the road with car owners on Abilene, TX roads. Bike crashes have the possibility to cause severe and probably deadly damage. The risk of severe injuries with a bike accident is significantly increased because riders have little to virtually no external safeguard other than gloves and a helmet. Typical traumas that our office sees with regards to bicycle accidents involve head injuries, brain injuries, lacerations, broken bones, and road rash.

A severe personal injury could deal a harmful impact to you and your loved ones. Together with financial difficulties, victims as well as their families must often take care of the emotional aftermath associated with the accident. Should you have a personal injury case, hire a solicitor you can trust to be able to acquire well deserved reimbursement for you and your loved ones.

Traumatic brain injuries cause overwhelming repercussions for the victim and his/her family. Together with requiring considerable health care expenses, the results often times have a long-term influence on the person’s lifestyle. Victims of TBI’s are usually children aged 5-20 along with senior citizens. Although 75 percent of TBIs are considered minor, close to 5,300,000 Americans have a long-term disability associated with a head injury.

Even though car wreck injuries will occur within moments, they’re able to modify your life or end it. The majority of motor vehicle crashes are caused by intersection crashes, head-on collisions, and accidents involving several automobiles. One of the most likely root cause in all of these types of cases is texting while driving. In case your motor vehicle accident might have been a consequence of defective parts, you may be allowed to file a product liability claim. At the Law Office of Joel A. Levine, we will extensively advocate your protection under the law.

If you or a family member were bitten by a dog or attacked by any other animal, you’ll want to speak to your regional personal injury attorney Abilene, Texas firm right away. A 2012 report by the CDC asserted that close to 4.5 million people in America were injured by dogs. A number of cities currently have legislation prohibiting particular dog breeds including Rottweilers and Pit Bulls, equally highly linked to plenty of dog attack scenarios. Animal attacks tend to occur from a pet you happen to be no stranger to and also on your premises.

If you think that you were dismissed from your position under unfounded circumstances, it’s likely you have a legitimate case to file. Together, national and state laws distinguish illegal motives for firing to safeguard workers. Texas is known as a right-to-work state, and so you could be let go at will from your position for any reason or for no reason at all. This law, however, delineates the subsequent conditions: being let go is restricted on the grounds of violating your written contract, prejudice, or for retaliation exercising your protection under the law. It’s crucial that you speak with an Abilene, TX employment lawyer to find out if your legal rights have been completely breached.

In case you’ve experienced the bad luck of a slip and fall incident, it is advisable to get in touch with a personal injury attorney Abilene TX that stands out in managing this sort of circumstance. The most possible area that people associate with slip and fall incidents is mostly a supermarket. Most people regularly slip or trip due to spills or stray products left in the lanes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), slip and fall injuries are divided into 2 different types: elevated falls and same-level falls.

Based on the Kaiser Family Foundation, the state of Texas possesses 1,200+ qualified assisted living facilities, which is much more than almost every other state. As a population, we are instructed to treat senior citizens with respect and dignity. On the other hand, those who are entrusted with their care don’t necessarily follow this credo. At The Law Office of Joel A. Levine, we’ve got a verified record of preserving the rights of seniors and making nursing facilities accountable for the behavior of their employees. If you find something questionable with a loved one or friend in a nursing home, schedule a free consultation with a legal professional that can professionally take on your Abilene, Texas nursing home abuse case.

By law, producers and vendors must distribute harmless, authorized items to consumers. In the case that a manufacturer or a retail outlet markets a faulty product, the risk of large-scale hazard increases exponentially. Three different kinds of flaws may give rise to a defective product lawsuit: style flaws, manufacturing problems, and advertising flaws. If you believe you happen to be injured utilizing a defective item, contact your personal injury attorney Abilene, TX as soon as possible.

To experience the death associated with a child, mother or father, or any very close family member or significant other shifts your daily life completely. Texas, as well as some other states, possesses laws to guard loved ones in the matter of a wrongful death. A wrongful death lawsuit is definitely the most severe sort of personal injury lawsuit. Wrongful death may occur with slip and fall injuries, automobile accidents, construction site accidents, product liability, and medical negligence. Claims for deadly injuries are generally submitted by way of the deceased person’s estate, close relatives, and loved ones.

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Joel A. Levine continues to be committed to honesty, integrity, and openness. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine provides you with expert, competent legal representation and legal assistance to victims of personal injury whether you’re in Austin Texas or Abilene, TX. We provide you with free consultations and a contingency fee plan, so you are not obligated to pay any fee except if, of course, we win your case. For those who are incapable to get to our office as a result of your personal injuries, our personal injury attorney will come to you. Regardless of whether we offer legal counsel or bring your case to court, our staff strives to make the approach straightforward, transparent, and as easy as possible for you and your family. Our law firm is standing by 24×7 to answer your call in relation to any personal injury inquiries you might have.


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