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Injury Lawyer Duncanville TXThe Law Office of Joel A. Levine is devoted to truthful and transparent legal counsel and well-known for powerfully touting Texans’ legal rights. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine has several years of experience in TX personal injury law. He wants each one of his clients to learn the legal procedure and every component of their case. A combination of strategy and advocacy provides a established track record of bringing about outstanding outcomes for our clients. Our personal injury law support for Duncanville, Texas involves:

If you have ever experienced the bad luck of a slip and fall injury, you have to get in touch with a personal injury attorney Duncanville Texas service can manage this sort of scenario. Slip and fall incidents tend to occur at sites such as a supermarket. This is because of the high probability of spillage or stray items in shopping lanes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), slip and fall incidents are placed into two different types: elevated falls and same-level falls.

Big trucks weigh well over 10,000 pounds but 18-wheelers weigh around forty tons. Should there be an accident involving these large 18 wheelers and a smaller passenger car, the effects are life-threatening. Texas is unfortunately the leader in the United States of yearly truck crashes. You need to work with a personal injury attorney Duncanville, Texas that can handle your case and extensively fight for the fair reimbursement that the injured person and his/her family ought to have.

If you’ve recently lost your job due to unfounded or questionable problems, you might have legal solutions. There are actually national and state laws that will retain your protection under the law against illegal action from your manager. Due to the fact that Texas passed right-to-work laws, a boss can terminate you for any reason. The law, however, draws the line at the following conditions: getting terminated is prohibited due to violating your contract, prejudice, or for retaliation exercising your protection under the law. It’s vital that you call your Duncanville, Texas employment lawyer to find out if your rights happen to have been violated.

Critical personal injury could cause a lot of stress for you and your family. In addition to financial issues, affected individuals and their families must generally take care of the emotional aftermath connected with the accident. Should you have a personal injury case, hire a lawyer you can rely on to win well deserved compensation for you and your household.

Highly serious brain injuries result in life-changing repercussions for the victim and his/her loved ones. In addition to needing considerable medical care, the results typically have a long-term effect on the victim’s lifestyle. Children, adolescents, and the elderly are more inclined to experience TBIs compared to other people. Though 75% of TBIs are viewed as moderate, approximately 5.3 million Americans have a long-term disability due to a head injury.

In accordance with the Kaiser Family Foundation, the state of Texas possesses 1,227 skilled assisted living facilities, which is actually greater than just about every other state. As a population, we have been educated to take care of elders with respect and dignity. However, the people who are entrusted with the care of senior citizens do not necessarily adhere to this belief. At The Law Office of Joel A. Levine, we are committed to safeguarding the legal rights of seniors and keeping nursing facilities accountable for the behavior of their staff. Should you notice anything suspicious involving a loved one or friend in an elderly care facility, set up a free consultation with a law firm that can professionally manage your Duncanville, Texas senior citizen abuse case.

Though vehicle collisions happen in a couple of moments, their effects are usually life-changing. The most common kinds of motor vehicle crashes are head-on collisions, intersection accidents, and multi-car pile-ups, oftentimes as a consequence of texting and driving. If you think that the car wreck resulted from malfunctioning parts or hardware, you may have a product liability claim to file. At the Law Office of Joel A. Levine, we are going to extensively advocate your legal rights.

Have you been seriously injured by a flawed device? When you buy something you don’t get or receive a product that doesn’t work as it should, you may have a right to damages due to state or national consumer law protocols. Forms of consumer scams include false advertising and marketing, fraudulent credit cards, and Ponzi schemes. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine has a lot experiencing consumer fraud cases.

If you know an individual who experienced a bite from a dog or other animal, you’ll want to let them know of a neighborhood personal injury attorney Duncanville, Texas firm at the earliest opportunity. According to the CDC’s 2012 report, 4.5 million Americans endured accidents because of dog attacks. A lot of areas have subsequently introduced breed-specific protocols that prohibit a number of the breeds that may be very likely to attack, including chows, pit bull terriers, and Rottweilers. Assaults from dogs along with other animals are likely to occur in your yard by a dog you’re no stranger to.

Within a location such as Duncanville, TX, drivers frequently share the street with bicycle riders. Bicycle accidents have the potential to result in extreme and quite possibly fatal damage. The risk of critical harm with a bike accident is significantly increased due to the fact cyclists have little to virtually no external protection besides gloves and a helmet. Some of the most frequent damage linked to these types of accidents are generally road rash, closed head injuries, brain injuries, contusions, lacerations, in addition to broken bones.

Manufacturers and retailers of various products are subject to a legal requirement to provide harmless products to consumers. In the event that a producer or even a retail outlet advertises a faulty product, the opportunity of large-scale danger skyrockets. Product liability lawsuits are based upon 3 types of product defects: inaccurate marketing, manufacturing defects, and faults with design. If you feel you might be damaged by using a flawed device, contact your personal injury attorney Duncanville, Texas immediately.

To experience the death of a child, parent or guardian, or even any close family member or significant other transforms your daily life completely. Fortunately, wrongful death regulations exist to safeguard family members and loved ones after a life-threatening accident or injury. Just about the most significant kind of personal injury lawsuit is a case of wrongful death. Scenarios can include critical injuries connected with medical negligence, defective products, workplace accidents, motor vehicle crashes, premises liability, and other claims. Cases for critical incidents are normally filed by way of the deceased person’s estate, close relatives, and loved ones.

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Joel A. Levine continues to be committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine delivers expert, competent legal representation and legal aid to victims of personal injury if you are in Austin TX or Duncanville, Texas. We provide you with free consultations and a contingent fee plan, therefore you do not need to pay any fee unless there is a recovery in your case. If you are incapable of visit our office as a result of your personal injuries, our personal injury lawyer will come to you.  Regardless of whether we provide you with legal advice or bring your case to a jury trial, we all aim to make the method clear, apparent, and as simple as possible for your family. Our law office is prepared 24/7/365 to address your call concerning any personal injury questions and concerns you might have.


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