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Pharr, Texas Personal Injury Attorney-at-LawThe Law Office of Joel A. Levine is dedicated to truthful and candid legal representation and widely known for vigorously touting Texans’ privileges. Joel has several years of working experience encountering personal injury regulation in Central Texas. It is essential that all our clients have an understanding of all legal aspects and procedures with regards to their case. A combination of strategy and advocacy is known for a good track record of leading to impressive outcomes for our clients. Our personal injury law expertise for Pharr, Texas includes:

While large trucks can weigh well over ten thousand pounds, a number of 18 wheelers weigh about 40 tons. When there’s an accident involving one of these enormous trucks as well as a small passenger automobile, the results are life-threatening. Regrettably, Texas leads the country with the number of truck crashes each year. You will want a personal injury attorney Pharr, TX service focused on defending 18-wheeler accident victims and helping family members acquire just compensation.

Do you know someone who has been seriously injured because of a malfunctioning product? If you bought a product you did not get or are given something that does not work as it should, you might have a right to reparation due to state or federal consumer law guidelines. Types of consumer fraud include Ponzi schemes, false advertising, and credit card fraud. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine possesses much knowledge about cases of consumer fraud.

Bike riders generally share the road with motorists on Pharr, Texas roadways. Bike crashes are likely to cause serious and possibly deadly injuries. The potential for extreme injuries with a bike accident is a lot increased due to the fact cyclists have little to no external safeguard besides gloves and a helmet. Some of the most frequent injuries linked to these sorts of accidents are road rash, closed head trauma, brain damage, contusions, lacerations, as well as bone fractures.

A critical personal injury can certainly result in a harmful blow to you and your loved ones. Not only do you need to think about finances, but also psychological and emotional trauma following the accident. In the event you or maybe a loved one has become injured owing to third party carelessness, a personal injury lawsuit could quite possibly yield compensation you are entitled to and hold the individual who caused the injury liable.

Highly significant brain injuries cause life-threatening outcomes for the victim and his/her family. Not only do doctors’ bills need to be planned for but also the individual’s standard of living. Affected individuals of TBI’s are in all likelihood children aged 5-20 and the elderly. Despite the fact that 75 percent of TBIs are considered moderate, roughly 5,300,000 Americans possess a long-term disability caused by head trauma.

Although car accident damage can occur in a matter of moments, they’re able to change your life or cause death. The most prevalent sorts of car crashes are head-on accidents, intersection accidents, and multi-car pile-ups, much of the time resulting from texting while driving. When your motor vehicle accident was actually a consequence of malfunctioning parts, there’s a chance you’re in the position to file a product liability claim. Joel A. Levine will assertively guard your proper rights to damages.

If you know a person who endured an attack from a dog or other animal, you should definitely inform them about a personal injury attorney Pharr, TX without delay. A 2012 report by the CDC announced that close to 4.5 million people in America were injured by dogs. A number of cities currently have regulations prohibiting particular breeds of dogs including Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, both equally very much linked to numerous dog attack cases. Attacks from dogs and other animals tend to occur on your property by an animal you’re familiar with.

In case you have been dismissed from your job because of unfair or suspicious factors, you could have lawful alternatives. Together, national and state regulations define illegal motives for contract termination to protect workers. Because Texas has right-to-work legal guidelines, an employer can fire you without any reason. Luckily, this law draws the line at the subsequent factors: termination from a position is restricted due to discrimination, in retaliation for voicing your legal rights, or in breach of your legally binding contract It is vital that you speak with your Pharr, TX lawyer for wrongful termination and employment issues to ascertain if your legal privileges happen to have been breached.

In case you have recently sustained a personal injury resulting from a slip and fall accident, make sure you make use of a personal injury attorney who practices in Pharr Texas. Slip and fall accidents tend to take place at places such as a grocery store. This is because of the high probability of spillage or stray goods in shopping lanes. The two categories of slip and fall injuries recognized by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are elevated falls and same-level falls.

A document from the Kaiser Family Foundation stated that the state of Texas is among the leaders in the nation in assisted living facilities with over 1,200 of them. Our culture teaches all of us to treat elders with respect and dignity. On the other hand, those who are entrusted with their care don’t continually abide by this belief. At The Law Office of Joel A. Levine, we’ve got a track record of guarding the liberties of seniors and holding assisted living facilities accountable for the behavior of their staff. Should you see a single thing questionable with a loved one or friend in an elderly care facility, be sure to schedule a free consultation with a law firm that can professionally tackle your Pharr, TX nursing home abuse case.

Merchandise manufacturers and vendors are subject to a legal duty to supply safe items to customers. Whenever a producer releases a harmful product or a retailer sells a defective product to an uninformed buyer, the opportunity for harm on a large-scale grows to be very serious. Product liability lawsuits are based on 3 categories of device flaws: deceiving marketing, production flaws, and faults with style. If you are faced with a defective product claim, speak to your dependable personal injury attorney in Pharr, Texas  promptly.

To experience the death associated with a child, mother or father, or any very close family member or significant other changes your lifestyle completely. Luckily, wrongful death protocols are present to protect close relatives and loved ones right after a life-threatening accident or trauma. A wrongful death scenario stands out as the most critical type of personal injury lawsuit. Scenarios could include critical traumas connected with medical negligence, defective products, work site accidents, auto accidents, premises liability, and various claims. Cases for critical accidents are typically submitted by the deceased person’s estate, members of the family, and loved ones.

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