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If you or a friend would like compensation for a personal injury lawsuit, we is able to help you. Give The Law Office of Joel A. Levine a call at 512-982-1510 today.


Plainview, Texas Attorney for Personal Injury LawJoel A. Levine is a personal injury attorney at law renowned for his integrity and transparency whenever he is defending and promoting central Texans’ rights. Joel Levine has much experience taking on personal injury regulation in Central Texas. It is essential that each of our clients have an understanding of virtually all laws and processes concerning their case. Combining strategy and advocacy has a proven track record of bringing about successful results for our clients. Our personal injury law assistance for Plainview, Texas comprises of:

A critical personal injury could deal a disastrous impact for you and your loved ones. Not only do you need to think about your financial situation, but also mental and emotional stress following the accident. If you have personal injury claims, engage an attorney you can depend on in order to win deserved compensation for you and your household.

Have you been injured by using a faulty item? When you buy an item you do not get or are given a product that does not work correctly, it’s likely you have a right to damages under national or state consumer legislation protocols. Types of consumer fraud include credit card scams, Ponzi schemes, and false advertising and marketing. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine possesses significant knowledge of consumer fraud cases.

Bicyclists normally share the road with motorists on Plainview, TX roads. Bike crashes are likely to cause extreme and possibly fatal injuries. This is because of bikes having no external safeguard such as automobiles have. Some of the most common harm related to these sorts of accidents are usually road rash, closed head trauma, brain damage, contusions, lacerations, along with broken bones.

Traumatic brain injuries cause terrible consequences for the injured person and his/her family. Together with requiring extensive medical assistance, the consequences generally have a long-term influence on the victim’s quality of life. Affected individuals of TBI’s are usually children aged 5-20 and the elderly. Even though 75% of TBIs are considered moderate, approximately 5.3 million Americans possess a long-term disability attributed to head trauma.

Though vehicle accident traumas will occur in a split second, they might modify your life or cause death. Nearly all motor vehicle accidents are due to intersection accidents, head-on collisions, and also crashes involving quite a few motor vehicles. One of the most probable root cause in all of these kinds of cases is texting while driving. If you believe that your motor vehicle accident occurred as a result of faulty parts or hardware, you could have a product liability case to file. Joel A. Levine will strongly guard your rights to damages.

In case you know a person who endured an attack from a dog or any other animal, be sure to let them know of a regional personal injury attorney Plainview, TX at the earliest opportunity. In accordance with the CDC’s 2012 report, 4.5 million people in America sustained accidents as a result of dog bites. Many communities have regulations barring certain breeds of dogs which include Rottweilers and Pit Bulls, each greatly associated with plenty of animal attack scenarios. Animal attacks usually tend to occur from a dog you happen to be no stranger to as well as on your property.

Lawfully, producers and vendors have to distribute safe, approved products to buyers. Each time a manufacturer releases a harmful device or a merchant sells a flawed device to an uninformed consumer, the potential for large-scale harm evolves into real. Defective product cases depend on 3 different types of device defects: deceiving advertising, production flaws, and faults with style. If you’re faced with a product liability claim, speak to your reliable personal injury attorney Plainview, TX lawyer without delay.

When you have been terminated from your job on account of unfounded or questionable circumstances, it’s likely you have lawful alternatives. Together, state and national regulations determine unfair causes for contract termination to guard employees. Due to the fact that Texas passed right-to-work legislation, a manager is able to fire you for any reason. This legislation, however, draws the line at the subsequent factors: termination from a position is unacceptable on the grounds of prejudice, in retaliation for voicing your legal privileges, or in violation of your written contract If you find that your liberties as an worker have been completely breached, make sure you get in touch with a Plainview, TX wrongful termination attorney.

If you’ve recently sustained an injury resulting from a slip and fall accident, make sure you make use of a personal injury attorney Plainview TX service. Slip and fall incidents usually tend to take place at sites such as a grocery store. This is because of the high possibility of spillage or stray items in shopping aisles. As reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), slip and fall incidents are split into two types: elevated falls and same-level falls.

To experience the death connected with a child, parent or guardian, or any very close family member or significant other shifts your daily life completely. Texas, in conjunction with lots of other states, provides protocols to safeguard members of the family in the case of a wrongful death. A wrongful death circumstance is considered the most critical sort of personal injury lawsuit. Scenarios may perhaps involve fatal traumas in connection with medical malpractice, defective products, work site accidents, auto crashes, premises liability, and also other claims. Claims for life-threatening incidents are typically filed by way of the deceased person’s estate, family members, and loved ones.

Although large trucks can easily weigh about 10,000 pounds, quite a few 18-wheelers weigh well over forty tons. If there is a collision between one of these large trucks and a small passenger car, the results are disastrous. Unluckily, Texas leads America in the amount of truck crashes yearly. You need a personal injury attorney in Plainview, Texas devoted to defending truck accident victims and assisting family members in seeking compensation under the law.

Based on the Kaiser Family Foundation, Texas has at least 1,227 qualified nursing facilities, which is greater than almost every other state. Our culture educates us all to take care of senior citizens with dignity and respect. Having said that, individuals who are entrusted with the care of senior citizens do not necessarily adhere to this belief. At The Law Office of Joel A. Levine, we have a track record of defending the liberties of senior citizens and keeping nursing facilities answerable for the behavior of their employees. If you see something suspicious with a friend or loved one in a nursing home, be sure to schedule a free consultation with a law firm that can professionally handle your Plainview, TX elderly abuse case.

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Joel is always devoted to trustworthiness, sincerity, and openness. Joel delivers professional, qualified legal representation and legal aid to victims of personal injury regardless of whether you’re in Austin Texas or Plainview, Texas. We offer free consultations and a contingent fee plan, which means that you do not need to pay any fee except if, of course, a recovery is obtained on your behalf. If you are incapable of arrive at our office because of your injuries, our personal injury lawyers will come to you. Regardless if we provide legal services or bring your case to court, our staff strives to make the method straightforward, apparent, and as easy as possible for your family. Our office is waiting 24/7 to answer your call pertaining to any personal injury inquiries you might have.


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