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Waco, TX Personal Injury Law OfficeThe Law Office of Joel A. Levine is dedicated to sincere and transparent legal representation and well-known for vigorously touting Texans’ rights under the law. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine has numerous years of experience in TX personal injury regulation. He wants each one of his clients to comprehend the legal process and each and every element of their case. A mixture of method and advocacy helps our clients every step of the way. Our personal injury law support for Waco, Texas comprise:

Big trucks weigh in excess of 10,000 lbs ;however, 18-wheelers weigh no less than 40 tons. Whenever one of these huge 18 wheelers crashes into a motor vehicle or smaller truck or van, the destruction is usually distressing. Regrettably, Texas leads the nation in the number of truck crashes on a yearly basis. You’ll need a personal injury attorney Waco, TX service devoted to helping accident victims and being able to help members of the family acquire fair compensation.

Have you ever been seriously injured by using a malfunctioning device? If you purchased a product you did not get hold of or are given something that doesn’t work as it should, it’s possible you have a right to reimbursement according to state or national consumer regulation protocols. Forms of consumer fraud can include fraudulent credit cards, Ponzi schemes, and false advertisements. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine possesses a great deal of experience with cases of consumer fraud.

Bicycle riders  and motorcycle riders frequently share the street with motorists on Waco, Texas roadways. Bike crashes have the possibility to result in extreme and quite possibly deadly injuries. This is due to bicycles having no physical safeguard like vehicles possess. An array of frequent injuries connected with these kinds of accidents usually are road rash, closed head trauma, brain damage, contusions, lacerations, and bone fractures.

A severe personal injury can result in a devastating impact to you and your family. You don’t only need to think of finances, but also mental and emotional stress after the accident. Any time you or a significant other has become seriously injured because of another person’s carelessness, a personal injury claim could be needed to help with medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Extremely severe brain injuries cause life-threatening consequences for the injured person and his/her loved ones. Along with requiring extensive medical treatment, the end results typically have a long-term effect on the victim’s lifestyle. Victims of TBI’s are most likely children aged 5-20 and also senior citizens. Although 75 percent of TBIs are thought to be minor, around 5.3 million Americans possess a long-term disability related to a head injury.

Even though car wreck traumas can happen in a split second, they can alter your life or cause death. The most common varieties of car crashes are head-on collisions, intersection crashes, and multi-car accidents, oftentimes caused by texting and driving. If you think that your car wreck occurred because of faulty products or hardware, you may have a product liability claim to deal with. At the Law Office of Joel A. Levine, we will vigorously advocate your rights.

In case you know a person who endured an attack from a dog or some other animal, be sure to put them in touch with a personal injury attorney who practices in Waco, TX firm promptly. According to the CDC’s 2012 report, 4,500,000 people in America sustained traumas because of dog bites. A number of towns now have protocols barring specific breeds of dogs such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, equally greatly linked to several animal attack incidents. Assaults from dogs as well as other animals are likely to take place in your yard from an animal you know.

In case you have of late been fired from your job as a consequence of unfounded or questionable factors, you have got legal solutions. There are many federal and state protocols which usually preserve your privileges against illegal treatment from your employer. Considering the fact that Texas has right-to-work legal guidelines, a boss may terminate you for any reason. The good thing is, this law delineates the subsequent conditions: being fired is unacceptable on the basis of prejudice, in retaliation for voicing your protection under the law, or in breach of your legally binding contract If you think that your privileges as an worker have been breached, make sure you call your Waco, Texas wrongful termination attorney.

For those who have recently suffered a personal injury due to a slip and fall accident, ensure that you make use of a personal injury attorney Waco TX firm. Slip and fall injuries tend to take place at sites such as a grocery store. This is because of the high likelihood of spills or stray products in shopping aisles. As reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), slip and fall injuries are placed into two categories: same-level falls and elevated falls.

To live through the loss connected with a child, mother or father, or any close relative or loved one changes your daily life permanently. Texas, in conjunction with many other states, has regulations to guard loved ones with regards to a wrongful death. Quite possibly the most significant type of personal injury lawsuit is a case of wrongful death. Wrongful death cases might involve fatal injuries relating to medical negligence, product liability, work site accidents, car accidents, premises liability, and various claims. Claims for life-threatening injuries are generally filed by way of the deceased’s estate, family members, and loved ones.

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Joel A. Levine stays committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine provides professional, qualified representation and legal aid to victims of personal injury whether you are in Austin Texas or Waco, TX. We offer free consultations and a contingency fee plan, and so you do not need to pay any fee except if, of course, your case is successful. In case you’re not able to come to our law firm due to your injuries, our personal injury attorney will visit you. No matter whether we offer legal services or bring your case to court, we strive to make the procedure very clear, transparent, and as easy as possible for you and your family. Our law firm is waiting 24/7 to address your call in relation to any personal injury inquiries you may have.


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