Joel handled our legal needs with clear, concise communication throughout from beginning to the positive result at the end. My wife and I were pleased with how quickly he would respond to any questions or concerns we had. Joel is a gentleman in every sense of the word. We plan on using Joel’s legal services in the future!

Chad F

I was involved in an automobile accident in which I was hit from behind. I have myriad pre-existing conditions and am covered by Medicare, both of which could have easily complicated my case. However, Joel was able to maneuver his way through these complications and settled with the insurance company for more than I had anticipated. In addition, both he and his legal secretary Tracy were very responsive to my concerns and questions, of which there were many. I would never consider going to any law firm other than Joel Levine’s.

Nancy M

Working with Mr. Levine was a wonderful experience. My daughters car accident traumatized her and he helped get us compensated quickly and seamlessly. I would -and have – recommended him to anyone!

Ali G

I honestly didn’t have one bad experience with this law firm. Joel is very professional and I was very pleased with the end settlement. I would definitely recommend this Law Firm to anyone who is in need of a personal injury attorney.

Connie Koski

I have never needed to “sue” anyone before, that is until I had been in a car accident causing me to be hospitalized for over 24 days, undergo 4 plus surgeries to my shoulder, and leave the hospital with bills that cost more than some people’s homes. When it came time to seek counsel, I had done my homework. I did not want to be associated with those accident attorneys who are on TV promising big financial results in a small amount of time. Joel came highly recommended, one of my family members, who just happens to be a District Judge, recommended that I speak to Joel Levine. At our first meeting he made me feel a lot more comfortable with the situation, he explained to me the process of filing suit against the responsible party, and he assured me that he would keep in constant contact with me explaining as we went. He did just that!!! It was very easy to get a hold of him either by his office phone, cell phone, or email. Currently we have been able to close 1 part of this case, and he did all of the negation for me to the insurance companies (both auto, and health), as well as to the hospital to come up with an appropriate settlement number. If I am ever put in this type of situation again (which I do not wish to be), Joel Levine will definitely be my first choice of representation!

Lee W.